V-Modell® XT

V-Modell® XT Editor and V-Modell® XT Projektassistent

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The new V-Modell® XT

The V-Model has become a flexible model describing IT development processes. In February 2005 the new V-Modell XT was released. It replaces the V-Modell 97. Follow the link for the latest releases of the V-Model.

The V-Model defines activities and products that have to be executed and generated during system development. Furthermore it defines the responsabilities of every person involved in the project. Therefore the V-Model regulates What has to be done, When it has to be done and, consequently, Who has to do it.

V-Modell® XT Projektassistent

The V-Modell® XT Projektassistent serves as a reference implementation for the tailoring mechanism specified by the V-Model. It helps to adopt the V-Model to the project-specific context. This tailored V-Model can then be exported as HTML or PDF.

The tool also generates templates. These templates only contain the contents specified during the tailoring before.  While the first version of the tool generated templates in WordML format (1.0.0) it is now (1.0.4) possible to generate RTFs.

Finally, the tool provides a module for developing an initial project schedule. This  schedule can be exported to Microsoft Project or Gantt Project.

V-Modell® XT Editor

The V-Model provides several occasions for its adoption and extension for special requirements, e.g. organisation-specific processes.  It is possible to add new components and to change the templates' layout. It is recommended to use the V-Modell® XT Editor for those activities as it is the tool the V-Model was created with. It is a formular-based XML editor that is built on the 4Ever framework  which was developed by 4Soft GmbH. The framework was made open source and is now enhanced regularly.

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